Pesquet's Parrot

Psittrichas fulgidus





Pesquet's Parrot

Description: Black and red bird with long, curved beak; up to 18 inches long


Habitat: Forests in foothills and lower mountains


Diet: Figs, occasionally soft fruits, nectar and flowers


Reproduction: Lays 2 eggs; nests in tree cavities


Did you know...

Pesquet's Parrots are sometimes referred to as Vulturine Parrots because of their vulture-like look. Their long beak and bare heads are believed to be adaptations that prevent the soft fruits they eat from collecting on their feathers.

This parrot's remote habitat makes it difficult to study. Its population is currently declining, mainly due to hunting. Some people use Pesquet's Parrots for food, but they are more often hunted for their feathers, which are commonly used for ceremonial headdresses.

Range: Mountains of New Guinea

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