Green Aracari

Pteroglossus viridis





Green Aracari

Description: Small, colorful bird with large, brightly colored bill; 12 to 15 inches long


Habitat: Tropical rainforests and swamps


Diet: Fruit, insects, eggs, small vertebrates


Reproduction: Lays 2-4 eggs; nests in tree cavities

Did you know...

Green Aracaris are one of the smallest members of the toucan family and usually spend their time in pairs or groups high in the treetops. They are very active birds, flying and hopping from branch to branch and making a call that sounds similar to a barking dog.

Green Aracaris are frugivores, meaning their diet consists mainly of fruit, especially figs and palm fruits. They will also eat insects, lizards and other birds' eggs and nestlings. To swallow their food, Green Aracaris seize it with their serrated bill and then toss their head upward to throw the food backward into their throat.

Like other toucans, Green Aracaris nest in tree cavities high off the ground, usually using an old woodpecker or macaw nest. Both parents will help incubate the eggs and then feed the chicks once they hatch. Although the young aracaris can take care of themselves after about 6-8 weeks, they may stay close to their parents for 6 months or more.

Green Aracari Range

Range of the Green Aracari




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